Why Shak


We Need An America First, Pro-Trump Conservative To Keep The Seat Red In November

Barbara Comstock is a bad representative for the 10th District, and a bad representative of the Republican Party. Anyone who is rated in the bottom 17% of all Republicans by the Heritage Foundation (through Heritage Action) does not share the values that Republicans have, nor those in the 10th District.

Shak has been endorsed by Loudoun Constitutional Conservatives.

Shak Hill Is The Back Up President Trump Needs

Shak Hill has a long history of involvement in the party. Having served in elected office prior as a city councilman, Shak fights for fiscal sanity our Constitutional liberties. He has worked as a private citizen for lower taxes, less regulations, protecting our culture and promoting a culture of life. And he will make sure the job of Congress is to protect our history, not sanitize it.

Shak is not a career politician, but rather a dedicated private citizen, trying to make the lives of his neighbors and fellow citizens better. He supports our President and will advance his initiatives that put America First. Shak recognizes that being reflexively and stridently anti-Trump does not serve either our nation or our district at all.

Obstructionism was never a pathway to progress, no matter what Barbara Comstock and those Democrats running for this office try to tell you. As the only non-obstructionist candidate running for this seat, Shak pledges to carry your concerns forward to get things done in Congress, for a change. And he will work to drain the swamp, and those in the establishment that seek to grow government for power, as opposed to limit it in favor of our individual liberties.

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 Key Solutions

End “Politics as Usual” and Drain the Swamp

Washington’s Establishment and the “Incumbents” have failed to deliver on the most basic promises.  I am committed to doing what it takes to finish what President Trump started.  Draining the swamp remains a top priority to address our nations toughest challenges.

Repeal Obamacare and Keep it Repealed

The Obamacare healthcare program has undoubtedly proven to be an economically disastrous law.  It is more appropriate and economically feasible for the Healthcare system to be designed and managed at by the States in a fashion that to meet the needs of the American People through the private sector and cooperation of respective State Governments .  It is unconscionable that our Federal Government has taken it upon itself to run and regulate nearly 20% of our nation’s economy make promises it cannot deliver and economically not feasible, period.  It is time to restore the relationship between doctor and patient and a free market economy that by design establishes appropriate balance between price and services in medicine.

Enforce Fiscal Responsibility and Stand Against Generational Theft

Our national debt remains out of control; exceeding $19 trillion dollars.  The Washington Establishment is not transparent on the risk of instability to our economy to fund the US Government $19 trillion dollars debt.  This lack of fiscal responsibility and lack of leadership on both sides of the aisle threatens our nation’s financial stability.  We must address fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets now to ensure we do not put undue burden on our children and grandchildren.

Protect Those That Can’t Defend Themselves

Human life is sacred, as proclaimed by our founding documents to protect life and individual rights. Our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness precede the existence of Government and come from our Creator, the Author of Nature.  These core constitutional rights have been usurped by the Judicial and Executive Branches and must be returned to the People and their Representatives.

Stand True to Our Second Amendment 

I believe in the People’s Constitutional right to bear arms.  The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right enshrined in the constitution for a reason – it provides the People with the ultimate guarantee of sovereignty.  I am a firm supporter of our Second Amendment rights at all times.