10/30/2017 The HILL, delicious quote from Former Speaker Boehner as to why Barbara and other Republicans didn’t Repeal Obamacare. Explains much!

9/5/2017 FOX NEWS, National Report, with Peter Doocy. Barbara cancels interview, presumably about why she voted to keep Obamacare, which Shak calls a “Moral failure.”

8/26/2017 FOX NEWS, Trump factor makes Virginia Republican top target for Dems trying to flip House.

8/19/2017 Tea Party Nation, Shak Hill for Virginia. Endorsement.

8/16/2017 The Daily Caller, Op Ed by Shak Hill: How The Establishment Caused Charlottesville

8/14/2017  The Bull Elephant guest contributor Reagan George, “The interesting information here is the lowest Liberty Score for Barbara Comstock at 19%… In what universe is Barbara Comstock a Conservative Woman? She has alienated TEA Party Republicans, Libertarian Republicans, Traditionally Conservative Republicans, and Deplorable Republicans.”

8/9/2017  Huffington Post, when they quote Shak correctly, “I agree with the president on his conservative initiatives, and Barbara has been a major obstacle. It is time to repeal and replace Barbara.”

8/7/2017 Loudoun Now, Comstock Faces Challenge From Right.

8/8/2017  Loudoun Times-Mirror, “Promises made, yet broken, especially by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who has voted on key issues more like a Democrat than a Republican.”

8/7/2017  WTOP reports Shak saying, “Washington continues to break promises. Establishment politicians are more concerned about power for themselves than liberty for the people.”

8/6/2017 The Washington Post, It’s not just Democrats, Rep. Barbara Comstock also faces a challenge from the right.

8/2/2017 Fairfax Free Citizen, Shak Hill Announces Candidacy for VA 10th District Congressman

8/1/2017 Shak Hill announces Candidacy for United States Congress in the 10th District of Virginia.

7/31/2017 ABC News: GOP’s base not ready to give up fight against Obamacare

7/29/2017 Denver Post, “Shak Hill told The Associated Press that Comstock, who voted (to keep Obamacare) ‘has failed the moral test of her time in Congress.'”

7/28/2017  The Bull Elephant, Shak Hill announces a run in the 10th District.

7/28/2017 Big League Politics, EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Trump Veteran Shak Hill Takes On Barbara Comstock In GOP Primary.

7/28/2017 Politics Elections, Rumors True: Shak Hill Will Primary Barbara Comstock.

7/28/2017 Dump Comstock, Challenger Shak Hill Poses a Threat to Comstock.

7/28/2017  The Comstock Conundrum, “Representative Barbara Constock (R-Va.) apparently has a dilemma. Is she a Republican? A Democrat? An Independent… Might Barbara Comstock be positioning herself to run as an Independent?”

7/26/2017 The Washington Star, Commentator may run against Comstock in 2018 state election.