4/9/2018 Comstock Brings Beltway Swamp to Loudoun County

3/26/2018 Winchester Star, letter to editor, No Lambs in 10th

3/22/2018 5 Freedom Candidates You Need To Know in 2018.

3/17/2018 Ammoland Shooting Sports News interview.

2/6/2018 Pro-Life giant Abby Johnson endorses Shak Hill to better defend life and de-fund Planned Parenthood.

2/6/2018 Politics Elections FISA Memo Ensnares Comstock as (Shak) Hill Responds

2/3/2018 Big League Politics article calling on Barbara Comstock to return money from Paul Singer, Who Funded Fusion GPS.

1/31/2018 Ron Paul endorses Shak Hill to Defend the Constitution in Congress.

1/18/2018 Rick Buchanan endorsement, head of the well known Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation.

1/16/2018 Politics Elections, reveals Barbara’s true anti-2nd Amendment Record. Here is Shak’s quote, “In fact, it is easily argued that the 2nd Amendment has more weight than any other, because the 2nd Amendment SHALL NOT be infringed.”

1/7/2018 The Conservatarian reports A Conservative Outsider Is Born.

10/30/2017 The HILL, delicious quote from Former Speaker Boehner as to why Barbara and other Republicans didn’t Repeal Obamacare. Explains much!

9/5/2017 FOX NEWS, National Report, with Peter Doocy. Barbara cancels interview, presumably about why she voted to keep Obamacare, which Shak calls a “Moral failure.”

8/26/2017 FOX NEWS, Trump factor makes Virginia Republican top target for Dems trying to flip House.

8/19/2017 Tea Party Nation, Shak Hill for Virginia. Endorsement.

8/16/2017 The Daily Caller, Op Ed by Shak Hill: How The Establishment Caused Charlottesville

8/14/2017  The Bull Elephant guest contributor Reagan George, “The interesting information here is the lowest Liberty Score for Barbara Comstock at 19%… In what universe is Barbara Comstock a Conservative Woman? She has alienated TEA Party Republicans, Libertarian Republicans, Traditionally Conservative Republicans, and Deplorable Republicans.”

8/9/2017  Huffington Post, when they quote Shak correctly, “I agree with the president on his conservative initiatives, and Barbara has been a major obstacle. It is time to repeal and replace Barbara.”

8/7/2017 Loudoun Now, Comstock Faces Challenge From Right.

8/8/2017  Loudoun Times-Mirror, “Promises made, yet broken, especially by Congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who has voted on key issues more like a Democrat than a Republican.”

8/7/2017  WTOP reports Shak saying, “Washington continues to break promises. Establishment politicians are more concerned about power for themselves than liberty for the people.”

8/6/2017 The Washington Post, It’s not just Democrats, Rep. Barbara Comstock also faces a challenge from the right.

8/2/2017 Fairfax Free Citizen, Shak Hill Announces Candidacy for VA 10th District Congressman

8/1/2017 Shak Hill announces Candidacy for United States Congress in the 10th District of Virginia.

7/31/2017 ABC News: GOP’s base not ready to give up fight against Obamacare

7/29/2017 Denver Post, “Shak Hill told The Associated Press that Comstock, who voted (to keep Obamacare) ‘has failed the moral test of her time in Congress.'”

7/28/2017  The Bull Elephant, Shak Hill announces a run in the 10th District.

7/28/2017 Big League Politics, EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Trump Veteran Shak Hill Takes On Barbara Comstock In GOP Primary.

7/28/2017 Politics Elections, Rumors True: Shak Hill Will Primary Barbara Comstock.

7/28/2017 Dump Comstock, Challenger Shak Hill Poses a Threat to Comstock.

7/28/2017  The Comstock Conundrum, “Representative Barbara Conmstock (R-Va.) apparently has a dilemma. Is she a Republican? A Democrat? An Independent… Might Barbara Comstock be positioning herself to run as an Independent?”

7/26/2017 The Winchester Star, Commentator may run against Comstock in 2018 state election.