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6/12/2018 Election Day. Please vote at your normal voting location.
4/21/2018 Restoration Church, Reclaim American Fatherhood key note speaker. 8am
4/10/2018 Joint Service Academy meeting, BAE Systems, 2000 15th Street N, Arlington, 5pm
3/27/2018 2A Rally, Guests include Larry Pratt (former exec dir Gun Owners of America), Philp Van Cleave, President Virginia Civil Defense League, Dick Heller of Heller v. DC fame, and others! 44675 Cape Court #110, Ashburn, 7pm. RSVP
3/24/2018 Liberty Lunch US Congress Candidate Forum, 1836 Brew Pub, Lovettsville, Noon
3/21/2018 Republican Women of Clifton, Key Note speaker, Fairview Elementary School, 7pm
3/17/2018 Fairfax County Republican Convention for Chairman, South Lakes High School, 11400 South Lakes Drive, Reston, 8am.
3/16/2018 Haymarket Funraiser, Lion and Bull Sports Pub, 5351 Merchants View Square, Haymarket, 6:30-9:30pm. Please RSVP
3/10/2018 Patriot Women’s Club, 2030 Westmorland Street, Falls Church, 10am
3/7/2018 Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Republican Women, 1300 Senseny Road, Winchester, 11:30am
3/4/2018 Fundraiser, special guest Ron Maxwell, Writer-director of the classic motion-picture Gettysburg, at the home of Jeff Phillips, 324 W. Market Street, Leesburg, 5-7:00pm. Please RSVP
3/3/2018 Asian Meet and Greet/Fundraiser, 11163 Rich Meadow Drive, Great Falls, 3-5:00pm. Please RSVP
2/27/2018 Frederick County Republican Committee, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester, 7pm
2/24/2018 DEADLINE at NOON for Fairfax County Republican Filing for Chairman. Click here to access the form to vote for Chairman! If we want to change the results of elections in Fairfax, we need to change the way we approach elections. Or, with the same leadership, we will have the same results. If you are frustrated, please participate with me in this election.
2/22/2018 Fundraiser hosted by Jeff Krizan, Donato’s Touch of Italy, 1361 N. Frederick Pike, Winchester, 7pm. Please RSVP
2/21/2018 Republican Women of Clifton, Fairview Elementary School, 7pm
2/20/2018 Lansdowne Woods Republican Club, Clubhouse, 1:30pm
2/17/2018 Tea Party of Loudoun County, Sterling Library, 22330 South Sterling Boulevard, Noon
2/16/2018 USAFA Graduates only, Boeing, 929 Long Bridge Drive, 3pm
2/15/2018 Bull Run Women’s Club, 12846 Fitzwater Drive, 6:45pm
2/14/2018 Bill Harrison, Heritage Hunt Republican Club, Gainesville 7pm
2/14/2018 Capital Enterprising Women, 1800 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, 12:30pm
2/12/2018 Josh Thiel swearing in. 25 W Market Street, Leesburg, 5:30pm
2/10/2018 FCRC Chairman candidate debate. More information to follow.
2/7/2018 Winchester-Frederick-Clarke Republican Women, 1300 Senseny Road, Winchester, 11:30am
2/7/2018 Reclaim American Fatherhood speaker, Christ Reigns Presbyterian Church, 10 South Commerce Ave, Front Royal, 9am.
2/3/2018 Veterans of Northern Shenandoah Valley Breakfast. 120 Costello Drive, Winchester 8:30am.
2/1/2018 Fund Raiser, Hosted by Eugene Delgaudio, The Bungalow Lakehouse, 46116 Lake Center Plaza, Sterling, 7-9pm. Please RSVP
1/31/2018 Young Republicans Kickoff Meeting, Lost Rhino Brewing, 21730 Red Rum Drive, Ashburn, 7pm.
1/29/2018 Loudoun County Republican Committee, 1 Harrison Street, SE, Leesburg, 7pm.
1/27/2018 Chilly Days Fundraiser, Ashburn Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Noon
1/25/2018 Manassas City Republican Party, 9016 Center Street, Manassas, 6:30pm
1/25/2018 Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum, 1800 Towers, Tysons Corner, 7:30am
1/24/2018 Honoring Bob Marshall, 9290 Stonewall Road, Manassas, 7pm
1/24/2018 VCDL meeting, Annandale, 8pm
1/24/2018 Virginia Women for Trump, Harvest Moon, 9pm
1/22/2018 PWC Committee meeting, 7411 Hoadly Road, 7pm
1/21/2018 Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Gainesville, for Abby Johnson Pro-Life talk, 6:30pm
1/19/2018 March For Life, Washington, DC.
1/18/2018 FCRC Debate, Sully Magisterial District Police Station, 6pm.
1/17/2018 FCRC regular meeting. Robinson Secondary School, 8pm
1/17/2018 Republican Women of Clifton, Fairview Elementary School, 7pm
1/16/2018 Catholic Business Network, 44675 Cape Court #110, Ashburn, 4-6pm.
1/13/2018 Frederick County Republican Committee Precinct Captain Meeting, 126 N. Kent Street, Winchester, 10am
1/11/2018 Fund Raiser, Conservatives of Winchester and Frederick County, Green Turtle Restaurant (Dutch treat), 185 Kernstown Commons Blvd, Winchester, 6-9pm. Please RSVP
1/9/2018 Joint Service Academy networking, Academy Graduates only, 14111 Park Meadow Drive, Chantilly, 5-8pm.
12/23/2017 Christmas Party, Black Tie, Andy and Nancy Wilson, 11163 Rich Meadow Drive, Great Falls, 7pm
12/20/2017 IHOP, 170 Front Royal Pike, Winchester, 8:30am
12/19/2017 Fund Raiser, Eggspectations, 8058 Crescent Park Drive, Gainesville, 7:30-8:45pm
12/17/2017 Christmas Party Special Guest, Hosted by Nury Rodriguez, 824 Utterback Store Road, Great Falls, 4:30-8pm
12/16/2017 Supervisor Pete Candland’s Holiday Brunch, 6701 Abberley Loop, please bring a wrapped toy for a needy child, 11-1pm
12/13/2017 Catholic Business Network Christmas Party, 9300 Stonewall Road, 6pm
12/12/2017 Fund Raiser, River Lee Farm, 23450 Chase Hallow Lane, Middleburg, 7-9pm. Please RSVP
12/11/2017 Tea Party, 10621 Braddock Road, 7pm
12/9/2017 Republican Party of Virginia, Advance, Hot Springs
12/8/2017 Republican Party of Virginia, Advance, Hot Springs
12/7/2017 Friends of Liberty, Key Note Speaker, Gray Ghost Vineyards, Amissville, 6:30pm
12/5/2017 Fairfax County Republican Committee, Braddock Secondary School, 7pm
12/2/2017 Christmas Party, Carmichael Place, Purcellville, 7pm
12/2/2017 Patriot Republican Women’s Club, Assaggi Osteria, celebrating Bob Marshall, Person of Character, 11am
11/29/2017 Clarke County Republican Committee, 104 N Church Street, Berryville, 7pm
11/29/2017 The Media Equality Project, National Press Club, Calling on the resignation of John Conyers and Al Franken, 10am
11/27/2017 Prince William County Republican Committee, 7411 Hoadly Road, Manassas, 7pm
11/18/2017 Tea Party Federation Summit, Marriott Richmond, 9am
11/17/2017 Spotlight Speakers, Harvest Moon Restaurant, 7:15pm
11/16/2017 Fund Raiser, Andy and Nancy Wilson, 11163 Rich Meadow Dr., Great Falls, 7-9pm. Please RSVP
11/10/2017 Virginia Economic Future presented by the Thomas Jefferson Institute, George Mason University, 10-12pm
11/8/2017 St. Therese, Ashburn, Walking With Purpose, 7pm
11/7/2017 At the POLLS, all day, for our ticket and for Bob Marshall
11/5/2017 Seton High School, Prayer Service and Holy Hour for our ticket and for Bob Marshall
11/4/2017 Pro Life Gala, 13869 Park Center, 6pm
11/4/2017 Willard Hotel, D.C. The Remembrance Project Lunch
10/28/2017  Fairfax County Taxpayers’ Alliance (, Amphora Restaurant, 11am Open to the public at 377 Maple Ave West, Vienna 22180 for $25 to cover lunch. RSVP to
10/26/2017 Winchester Church of God, 5:30pm
10/25/2017 Meet and Greet, Dena Bunker, 3608 Sweethorn Court, Fairfax, 6:30 – 8:30 pp, Please RSVP
10/19/2017 John Frederick’s Radio program, 9am
10/18/2017 Pro Life Cause, Belmont Ballroom, Dulles Marriott, 7pm
10/18/2017  Fatherhood Presentation, McLean Bible Men’s Group, 6am
10/17/2017 Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum, 7:30am
10/15/2017 Republican Women of Clifton, Lorton Workhouse, Women’s Suffrage, 2pm
10/14/2017  Meet and Greet, Cathy Trauernicht, 7707 Crossover Drive, McLean 11am. Please RSVP to
10/14/2017 Patriot Republican Club, 2030 Westmorland Street, 10am
10/11/2017  Heritage Hunt Republican Club, 6:30pm
10/10/2017 Catholic Business Network, 44675 Cape Court, 5pm
10/7/2017  Clarke County Veramar Vineyard Fundrasier, 6pm
10/3/2017  TVBA Legislative Breakfast, Four Seasons, Portsmouth, 6:30am
9/30/2017 We Love You Blue, 14631 Minnieville Road, 11am
9/30/2017  Lutherans For Life, 8304 Old Keen Mill Road, 9am
9/25/2017 Loudoun County Republican Committee, 7pm
9/23/2017  Bob Marshall for Delegate, 9435 Smokey Bear Court, 7pm
9/23/2017  Meet and Greet, Jennifer Bennett, 9241 Northedge Drive, 11am   SIGN UP HERE
9/21/2017  Meet and Greet, Richard Borneman, 4891 Annamohr Drive, 7pm  SIGN UP HERE
9/20/2017  Republican Women of Clifton, Fairview Elementary, 7:30pm
9/19/2017  Meet and Greet, Frank Stitely, 22472 Willington Square, 7pm     SIGN UP HERE
9/16/2017  We Read The Constitution Pot Luck, 44675 Cape Court #110, Ashburn, 4pm
9/16/2017  Fatherhood Presentation, The Kings Chapel Men’s Leadership, 9am
9/15/2017  10th Congressional Committee Gala, Hilton Washington Dulless, 6:30pm
9/12/2017  Leisure World Republican Club, Lansdowne Woods, 10:30am
9/12/2017  Catoctin Estate Planning Council, River Creek Club House, 8am
9/11 2017  Loudoun County Republican Women, Rust Library, 6pm
9/8/2017  Hob Nob In The Valley, 173 Skimisher Lane, Middletown, 5:30pm
9/7/2017  Dave LaRock campaign kickoff, 255 Al Smith Circle, 5pm
9/6/2017  Judge Roy Moore Reception, 735 Old Benfield Road, 6pm
9/2/2017  Labor Day Picnic, private event
8/28/2017  NOVA Tea Party, 7pm
8/24/2017  Apple Valley Tea Party, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester 7pm
8/22/2017 Frederick county Republican Committee, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester 7pm
8/19/2017  Boots and Barbeque, Winchester Republican Women, 4063 Middle Road, Winchester 4pm
8/10/2017  Clarke County Republican Committee, 16 Crow Street, Berryville, 6:30pm
8/8/2017  Business to Business Networking, Bungalow Lakehouse, 46116 Lake Center Plaza, Sterling 5:30pm
8/8/2017  Catoctin Estate Planning Council, River Creek Club House, 8am
8/7/2017  Fair Lakes Tea Party, Fair Lakes Olive Garden, 6:30pm
8/4/2017  Silver Diner, Tysons Corner, 8:30am
7/30/2017  Fairfax County Republican Party Annual Picnic, 1321 Lake Fairfax Drive. 11am
7/27/2017  Loudoun Republican Committee, 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg, 7pm




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