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11/18/2017 Tea Party Federation Summit, Marriott Richmond, 9am
11/17/2017 Spotlight Speakers, Harvest Moon Restaurant, 7:15pm
11/16/2017 Fund Raiser, Andy and Nancy Wilson, 11163 Rich Meadow Dr., Great Falls, 7-9pm. Please RSVP
11/10/2017 Virginia Economic Future presented by the Thomas Jefferson Institute, George Mason University, 10-12pm
11/8/2017 St. Therese, Ashburn, Walking With Purpose, 7pm
11/7/2017 At the POLLS, all day, for our ticket and for Bob Marshall
11/5/2017 Seton High School, Prayer Service and Holy Hour for our ticket and for Bob Marshall
11/4/2017 Pro Life Gala, 13869 Park Center, 6pm
11/4/2017 Willard Hotel, D.C. The Remembrance Project Lunch
10/28/2017  Fairfax County Taxpayers’ Alliance (, Amphora Restaurant, 11am Open to the public at 377 Maple Ave West, Vienna 22180 for $25 to cover lunch. RSVP to
10/26/2017 Winchester Church of God, 5:30pm
10/25/2017 Meet and Greet, Dena Bunker, 3608 Sweethorn Court, Fairfax, 6:30 – 8:30 pp, Please RSVP
10/19/2017 John Frederick’s Radio program, 9am
10/18/2017 Pro Life Cause, Belmont Ballroom, Dulles Marriott, 7pm
10/18/2017  Fatherhood Presentation, McLean Bible Men’s Group, 6am
10/17/2017 Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum, 7:30am
10/15/2017 Republican Women of Clifton, Lorton Workhouse, Women’s Suffrage, 2pm
10/14/2017  Meet and Greet, Cathy Trauernicht, 7707 Crossover Drive, McLean 11am. Please RSVP to
10/14/2017 Patriot Republican Club, 2030 Westmorland Street, 10am
10/11/2017  Heritage Hunt Republican Club, 6:30pm
10/10/2017 Catholic Business Network, 44675 Cape Court, 5pm
10/7/2017  Clarke County Veramar Vineyard Fundrasier, 6pm
10/3/2017  TVBA Legislative Breakfast, Four Seasons, Portsmouth, 6:30am
9/30/2017 We Love You Blue, 14631 Minnieville Road, 11am
9/30/2017  Lutherans For Life, 8304 Old Keen Mill Road, 9am
9/25/2017 Loudoun County Republican Committee, 7pm
9/23/2017  Bob Marshall for Delegate, 9435 Smokey Bear Court, 7pm
9/23/2017  Meet and Greet, Jennifer Bennett, 9241 Northedge Drive, 11am   SIGN UP HERE
9/21/2017  Meet and Greet, Richard Borneman, 4891 Annamohr Drive, 7pm  SIGN UP HERE
9/20/2017  Republican Women of Clifton, Fairview Elementary, 7:30pm
9/19/2017  Meet and Greet, Frank Stitely, 22472 Willington Square, 7pm     SIGN UP HERE
9/16/2017  We Read The Constitution Pot Luck, 44675 Cape Court #110, Ashburn, 4pm
9/16/2017  Fatherhood Presentation, The Kings Chapel Men’s Leadership, 9am
9/15/2017  10th Congressional Committee Gala, Hilton Washington Dulless, 6:30pm
9/12/2017  Leisure World Republican Club, Lansdowne Woods, 10:30am
9/12/2017  Catoctin Estate Planning Council, River Creek Club House, 8am
9/11 2017  Loudoun County Republican Women, Rust Library, 6pm
9/8/2017  Hob Nob In The Valley, 173 Skimisher Lane, Middletown, 5:30pm
9/7/2017  Dave LaRock campaign kickoff, 255 Al Smith Circle, 5pm
9/6/2017  Judge Roy Moore Reception, 735 Old Benfield Road, 6pm
9/2/2017  Labor Day Picnic, private event
8/28/2017  NOVA Tea Party, 7pm
8/24/2017  Apple Valley Tea Party, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester 7pm
8/22/2017 Frederick county Republican Committee, 1080 Coverstone Drive, Winchester 7pm
8/19/2017  Boots and Barbeque, Winchester Republican Women, 4063 Middle Road, Winchester 4pm
8/10/2017  Clarke County Republican Committee, 16 Crow Street, Berryville, 6:30pm
8/8/2017  Business to Business Networking, Bungalow Lakehouse, 46116 Lake Center Plaza, Sterling 5:30pm
8/8/2017  Catoctin Estate Planning Council, River Creek Club House, 8am
8/7/2017  Fair Lakes Tea Party, Fair Lakes Olive Garden, 6:30pm
8/4/2017  Silver Diner, Tysons Corner, 8:30am
7/30/2017  Fairfax County Republican Party Annual Picnic, 1321 Lake Fairfax Drive. 11am
7/27/2017  Loudoun Republican Committee, 1 Harrison Street SE, Leesburg, 7pm




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