Shak is proud to have received the endorsement of the leaders of our movement.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka– Former Deputy Assistant to President Donald J. Trump.

Pat McSweeney- former RPV Chairman and Conservative Statesman

NAGR- National Association of Gun Rights Inc. PAC.

GOA- Gun Owners of America PAC.

Abby Johnson- Pro Life advocate and former Planned Parenthood clinic manager.

Dr. Ron Paul- Constitutional Conservative champion, fighter for Liberty and former Congressman. Three time presidential candidate and New York Times Best Seller.

Ron Maxwell- Virginian and writer/director of the motion picture Gettysburg and Gods and Generals.

Brent Bozell- Chairman of ForAmerica and media researcher, identifying the truth about media.

Rick Buchanan- Virginia Tea Party leader and fighter for the Constitution.

Larry Pratt- former Virginia House of Delegates Member and strong supporter of gun rights.

ALIPAC- Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.

Howie Lind- former 10th Congressional District Chairman and retired Naval Officer.

Tea Party Nation- national organization against big government, fighting for liberty.

Patti Lyman- Esq, Pro-Trump activist and strong Conservative Activist