Why Barbara Must Go

On the Mark Levin national radio program on October 29, 2014, candidate Barbara Comstock attempted to illustrate her “conservative” credentials by using clichés like:

“I believe in good, conservative ‘Reaganite’ tax policies to stimulate the economy.”

“We have to cut business taxes so small businesses can grow.”

One year later, Mark Levin excoriated Barbara Comstock. Listen here.

If Barbara Comstock voted the exact same way, without changing a single vote, but called  herself a Democrat, would you still vote for her?

Barbara is consistently in the bottom of all Republicans in the nation on critical issues that face our nation. Click on the links to find the original sources. Her votes are really hurting us.

Her scores (as of 12/21/2017)

Conservative Review:                 25%NOTE: Ultra Liberal Maxine Waters (D-CA) is a 26%.                                                                    She is in the bottom 17 of all Republicans in the nation! Sad!

National Right To Life                 Worst Republican in Virginia, and bottom 12% of all Republicans.

Heritage Action:                          47%, which is the bottom 17% of all Republicans.

Eagle Forum:                              46%, which is the bottom 7% of all Republicans

National Taxpayer Union            Worst Republican in the Commonwealth!

Club For Growth                         57%, which is the bottom third of all Republicans.

American Conservative Union    63%, which is the bottom 25% of all Republicans.

NumbersUSA (Immigration)        30%, which is the bottom 15% of all Republicans.

Citizens Against Gov Waste       The bottom 16% of all Republicans

National Fed of Indep Business  The bottom 16% of all Republicans

Freedom Works                           51%, which is the bottom 20% of all Republicans.

The Freedom Index                      51%, which is the bottom 9% of all Republicans.

Americans For Prosperity            The bottom 25% of all Republicans.

Campaign for Working Families  25%, which is the bottom 5% of all Republicans.

Barbara Comstock ran as a conservative. She was elected in the conservative 10th Congressional District. So, how has she voted? Click on each bar to reveal how Barbara voted.

Barbara Comstock voted for the Omnibus Bill

Barbara voted to blow up the debt, continue funding Planned Parenthood, continue funding Obamacare, and for the National Gun Registry. The Heritage Foundation says, "This latest massive omnibus spending bill represents everything that is wrong with Washington." She promised fiscal sanity, and has yet again broken her promise and has let us all down.

Barbara Comstock is a rabid Never-Trumper

Barbara Comstock called Candidate Trump "disgusting" and "vile" and called for his resignation as the GOP nominee. She hasn't stopped there. She denounced his travel ban, which was designed to protect Americans, and was upheld 9-0 by the Supreme Court. If this wasn't enough, she gave away his campaign donation.

Just to put this in perspective, she hasn't called Harvey Weinstein disgusting or vile.

Barbara Comstock voted to keep Obamacare in place.

            She voted with every single Democrat this year (2017) to reject the replacement bill called American Health Care Act. This is a moral failure. In 2010, Obamacare was a theory and may have to appeared to some to be a viable solution. However, in 2017, families are losing coverage, competition is forced out of the market place, premiums are skyrocketing and care is beginning to become too expensive to afford. Barbara Comstock voted against other Republicans and the President, and sided with every single Democrat to keep this failed law in place.

Barbara Comstock voted against President Trump's Budget

            On October 5, 2017, the House passed the first major bill towards enacting the promised budget and tax code overhaul. Barbara Comstock, however, voted with every single Democrat to oppose this bill. Comstock has opposed most bills proposed by the President. And yet, she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising to tout her willingness to fight for tax reform.


Barbara Comstock voted for Executive Amnesty.

            She stated that her #1 job, she said, was jobs. Then she voted for Executive Amnesty Barbara voted with every single Democrat. This singularly hurts Americans who need jobs! When illegal immigration brings unskilled labor to America, most who cannot speak the language, this significantly hurts Americans who are here, and need entry level jobs to begin to learn the life skills needed to have a successful and productive career. Of course, the National Chamber of Commerce loves this, and donates major money to Barbara Comstock, but this hurts our entry level workers.

Barbara Comstock voted to keep funding for Planned Parenthood.

            Barbara voted to keep funding Planned Parenthood, even after promising not to. Regarding H.R. 719 – Conservative Stallworth organization Heritage Action urged a “no” vote, in part because the Continuing Resolution funds more than $500 million annually to Planned Parenthood, Comstock voted with every single Democrat, and agreed to re-fund Planned Parenthood.

Barbara Comstock voted to blow up the deficit and raise the debt ceiling.

            Barbara did. She voted with Beyer (D-VA), Connolly (D-VA) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to fund what was called the CRomnibus Bill. This bill was over 1,600 pages of massive legislation. It did nothing to cut federal spending, reform entitlement programs or address the gargantuan fiscal debt. Nothing. Instead, it breaks spending caps, and according to Forbes.com, it pays for “earmarks – special provisions benefitting and individual, area, industry or company – event thought they supposedly were banned several years ago.”

            Because of this vote, Mark Levin said, “

Barbara Comstock voted to keep Common Core in place.

            She voted with every single Democrat for Every Student Succeeds Act, which mirrors No Child Left Behind in many areas. Many conservative groups disliked this bill from the get-go, pointing out that it failed to decrease the unconstitutional federal involvement in education. Comstock voted with every single Democrat to approve this 1,000+ page bill. This Act leaves Common Core in place.

Barbara Comstock voted to intentionally weaken the military and force your taxpayer dollars to pay for elective transgender surgeries.

            Barbara voted with every single Democrat to force your tax payer dollars to pay for elective transgender surgeries – intentionally weakening our military. Some estimates were as high as $3.7BB to pay for these surgeries. Shak has two sons in the US Army. They need Kevlar vests and armored personnel carriers. Yet Barbara voted to use your scarce resources for her own agenda.

Barbara Comstock does the bidding of Billionaire Anti-Trump donor

            Billionaire Paul Singer is Barbara's largest single donor, and has been for years. He is also the funder of the discredited Trump Russian dossier. He is noted for funding liberal Republicans at all levels, as well as the disreputable blog, The Washington Free Beacon. Find out more here and here.

Barbara Comstock believes in Climate Change.

            She voted with every single Democrat to force your tax payer dollars to pay for a study of climate change effects in the Department of Defense budget. Rep Scott Perry (R-Pa) wanted to strip this requirement from the Pentagon so it could focus “resources that pose an immediate and direct threat to our national security.” Barbara Comstock must think that climate change is an immediate threat. She was praised for recognizing the existence of human-induced climate change.