Barbara Comstock’s Lies about Shak Hill

The Shak Hill campaign categorically denies the lies by the Barbara Comstock campaign. They are a desperate attempt to smear Shak’s good name. Shak is a highly respected member of the community who is a loving husband of 29 years, a father of 6 children and has been a foster parent to 46 children. The background clearance required to become an Air Force combat pilot with a Top Secret clearance and to become a foster parent are extremely rigorous. He has passed dozens of background checks with flying colors.

The voters of the 10th Congressional District know Barbara Comstock and the voters are tired of her antics, her horrible liberal voting record, and her inaccessibility to the public.

The Shak Hill for Congress campaign will be filing a libel lawsuit against Barbara Comstock, the Comstock for Congress campaign, Susan Falconer, and Ray Allen.

Please see the following pages where Shak strongly denounces lies coming from desperate and failed Barbara Comstock.

Shak Hill did not run charity with a sex offender.

Shak Hill did not personally follow questionable Twitter accounts.

Shak Hill did not write questionable articles.

Shak Hill is financially sound.

Shak Hill took wife’s parents last name.


Please see the truth about Barbara’s record here.