Help Shak Get On The Ballot

Thank you for supporting my campaign, and helping me drain the swamp!

We deserve a representative that will not lie to us, that will not vote more like Nancy Pelosi than Dave Brat. We need a representative that represents us, and not K street, or outside interest groups.  If you agree, we need your help.

I need 1,500 signatures from registered voters from the 10th Congressional District by March 1, 2018, so they can be turned in by March 12.

The process is simple and easy, but you have to meet the requirements from the state, or the petitions will not be counted.

Please download the petition form here.

You will notice that the form is two pages. These have to be printed on the same piece of paper, front and back. The state will not accept petitions that are not on one piece of paper, printed front to back.

In order to get the most signatures, you can go to Republican meetings, gun shows, tea party meetings, sports events, car shows, boat shows, or anywhere else there are large gatherings of people at one time.

You can also collect signatures outside of grocery stores and other businesses where people frequent. Sometimes you have to obtain permission from the store manager.

Please mail the notarized forms so we receive them by March 1, 2018 to:

Shak Hill for Congress, Inc.
P.O. Box 486
Centreville, VA 20122

For any questions about petition gathering efforts, email our team at and we will get back to you promptly.  Please send the signature form back as soon as you fill the sheet.

THANK YOU for your help to get me on the ballot. We have to work together to drain the swamp. My team is providing me with a detailed list of those that helped gather signatures!


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