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     “Not only was your address insightful, respectful and convincing, it was emotionally moving because of the real pro-life decision joyfully made by you and your wife, Robin.” 

+Michael G. Duca, Bishop of Shreveport 

  “It is my pleasure to present and recommend Shak Hill as a speaker on Life Issues and the Catholic Church.

     I have known Shak, his wife Robin and each of their children for many years and I am well aware of their personal story when faced with Life issues and their undying commitment to the truth of the Faith and active participation in the life of their parish.  I have witnessed his presentation style and heard its content, and I know of the overwhelmingly positive response of others to his convention speech in our diocese in February of this year, such favorable responses from my bishop (who invited him to speak), brother priests, the Diocesan Pro Life Committee and all their many workers and my parishioners.  He is a gifted speaker with a natural ability to inspire. 

     I fully endorse the work Shak and Robin have done to explain and personally witness to Pro Life issues from a Catholic perspective.  I trust many people will not only benefit from but deeply enjoy his presentations.

                                         With gratitude for your consideration, I am”

Very Rev. Peter B. Mangum, Rector
Cathedral of St John Berchmans

“Shak is a dynamic speaker concerned about family and children. As a home schooling father, he can inspire parents to take responsibility for their children’s education. I recommend him highly as he tells his story of his Catholic faith and fidelity to God’s will.”

Dr. Mary Kay Clark
Director, Seton Home Study School

     “Shak is the real deal! A dynamic speaker who tells it like it is and doesn’t pull any punches.”

Dr. John F. Sloop
Chaplain – Valley Family Forum
Harrisonburg, VA

“Shak Hill is a principled warrior for those causes he believes in. He is a military hero, a staunch Catholic, and a shining example of what it means to be an American father. Simply put, he is a man of faith who says what he means and means what he says. His speeches are powerful, impassioned, and engaging.”

John Clark, National Catholic Register columnist
How to be a Superman Dad In a Kryptonite World and Who’s Got You: Observations of a Catholic Homeschooling Father

     “I do not think I have ever heard a better lecture on the U.S. Constitution than the one Shak gave to the Shenandoah Valley Constitutional Conservatives in April, 2014 in Mt. Jackson, VA. It was riveting and spot on!”

Suzanne Curran
Activities Coordinator
Shenandoah Valley Constitutional Conservatives

     “In this day, speakers and public figures dodge key issues too often in an attempt to make themselves look good all the time. You never take the easy road in communicating your beliefs but, at the same time, do it in a caring and empathetic way. Keep up the good work and words and you will fill up the room every time.”

Joe Modica​

     “Shak’s public speaking skills are excellent. In the political arena, and most any arena, most speeches and speech presentation are lackluster and boring. The content may be very good but it is not presented in an engaging maker. Shak has overcome that status quo of political speeches and is able to present motivating and engaging speeches.”

Patricia Phillips
Former State Senate Candidate and Small Businesswoman

     “Shak Hill has a compelling story of service and sacrifice. He is able to relate with his audience in a sincere, meaningful manner that inspires and gives hope for our future.”

Chris Saxman
Former Virginia State Delegate

     “Shak’s exceptional speaking ability energizes audiences to believe in him and any message he carries!”

Col Rob Maness, USAF (ret)

     “I’ve heard Shak speak several times. He’s enthusiastic, articulate, and a great defender of the family and the Constitution. Does that sound dry? It’s anything but because Shak has a sharp wit and a keen sense of humor that make his talks funny and enjoyable, as well as instructive. Include him in your next event for a great experience!”

Mary Ann Kreitzer
President, Les Femmes


     “Mr. Hill is an engaging speaker who offers a realistic and refreshing perspective on the challenges that face our generation. His story, his commitment, and his grasp of today’s issues are impressive – and his ability to connect with the hearer is invaluable.”

Hannah Moxley, 22 years old
Secretary, Augusta County Republican Committee

     “During his campaign for U. S. Senate, I saw first-hand Shak speak before dozens of meetings around Virginia. His inspiring message and passionate delivery electrified throngs of our conservative activists. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Russ Moulton
CEO, JRM Technologies

     “Shak is one of the best public speakers that I know. He can electrify a crowd, and he quickly captures the hearts and minds of his audience with real-life experiences and direct accounts of his professional and personal life. As we are both military veterans, we both share a common love and patriotic fervor for our country. Shak would strongly benefit any organization in a public speaking role.”

Howie Lind
Retired Naval Officer
Former Candidate for U.S. Senate

“Simply put, I was truly impressed by Shak. I have been to literally hundreds of workshops and speakers on many topics over the years and Shak is by far one of the best. He is great in front of any group and he makes everybody like him. Shak teaches a lot all the while you are entertained. Thank you for a great experience.”

Tyler Bamberg

     “Shak is a talented orator who exudes the principles about which he speaks. I had the pleasure of campaigning along side Shak in 2014, and he always delivered phenomenal stump speeches that not only electrified crowds, but educated listeners in an enjoyable and engaging fashion. What’s more important than what he says with his words is what he says with his heart. Shak exudes sincerity and passion, and the audience can tell he is the genuine article – something increasingly rare in this day and age.”

Zack Werrell
Campaign Consultant

     “Shak is an inspirational leader and shares insights and wisdom that are worth listening to and reflecting on. A breath of fresh air in these trying times.”

Bruce Jacobeen

     “Shak has the ability to envelope you in the conversation and make you a part of the story. I found him to be very personable and extremely easy to approach. The way he reaches an individual makes you want to be a better person.”

Waverly Woods
Hampton Roads Tea Party Chair

     “Shak enters the room with enthusiasm and a positive, uplifting vigor to his speeches that quickly gets an audience’s attention. He focuses on the topic and solutions. He encourages his audience to stop being the laid-back doormats that have let others walk all over them, and gives real examples on how to deal with countering those who are trying to defeat our conservative values.”

Deborah Fordham, Fordham Services